Bodega Marine Reserve

Bodega Marine Reserve, 362 acres on Bodega Head surrounding the Bodega Marine Laboratory, provides protected lands and bm_10_smallwaters for research and education. Researchers and students come to investigate habitats that are remarkably diverse for such a small area.




-rocky intertidal


-sandy beach

-fresh and saltwater marsh

-coastal grassland

-dune communities


The site is well known for the strength of wind-driven coastal upwelling and the complex geology of the San Andreas fault. Reserve staff coordinate research on the reserve and support field investigations for Laboratory visitors working from San Francisco to Point Arena.


BMR includes all of the 362 acre UC property except for two development enclaves around existing laboratory and dormitory buildings. The adjacent Bodega State Marine Reserve and leased tidelands in Bodega Harbor are managed as part of the Reserve, adding important intertidal and subtidal habitats. A 20-acre section of the adjacent State Park supporting a native dune scrub community also is set aside for Reserve research use.


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