Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve

The UC Davis Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve, set in a steep canyon of the California Coast Range, showcases the impressive landscapes, human history, and plant and animal communities of the region. Extreme topography gives the reserve a mix of habitats, including grasslands, blue oak woodland, chaparral shrublands, riparian woodland, and a seasonal stream.  An intense wildfire burned the entire reserve in summer of 2015; University of California researchers are studying the recovery in the area.

The University maintains the reserve primarily as a site for teaching and research activities. Public visitors are invited to use the trail network that crosses the reserve, but we ask that you stay on the trail at all times and avoid disturbing wildlife and research infrastructure.

Before beginning research or bringing a class group to the reserve, please fill out a use application. In most cases, your application will be processed within one business day.

Hikers, please note:

-trails are open daily sunrise to sunset, except…

-trails are CLOSED during and after heavy rain or wind events, during “red flag” fire conditions, and when Cold Creek has a high volume of flow in winter/spring (entry and stream crossings are impassable at those times)

-no facilities or water are available

-parking only in designated areas

-dogs are not allowed on trails


Stebbins Cold Canyon Contact :

Jeffrey Clary

(530) 752-9178


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