Jepson Prairie

Located on the southwestern edge of the Sacramento Valley, Jepson Prairie Reserve is a remnant of unplowed natural prairie in a vast agricultural region. The reserve protects some of the world’s best remaining vernal pools, which are ephemeral ponds found only in the western United States and few other places.

These vernal pools are home to many rare and unusual animal and plant species, including fairy shrimp and tadpole shrimp, California tiger salamanders, the delta green ground beetle, and dozens of annual wildflowers specialized in the seasonally inundated soils. The site holds over 400 species and 64 families of plants, including 15 rare and endangered species.

The reserve land is owned by the Solano Land Trust; UC Davis coordinates research and university-level teaching at the site.  The Nature Conservancy and the Jepson Prairie Docents are also partners in management of the site.

Walking tours of Jepson Prairie, coordinated by the Jepson Prairie Docents, are available in spring (typically mid-March to early May).

No facilities or water are available.

Jepson Prairie Contact:

Virginia Boucher

(530) 752-6949


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